Test your crisis scenarios in real time

Confront real threats to improve your processes

Protect yourself and respond with Room#42

Room#42 is a service offered by the C3 - Cybersecurity Competence Center through which EBRC enables companies to analyse their resilience in the face of adversity. C3's Room#42 enables you to test your crisis management scenarios in a full-scale setting, from BIAs (Business Impact Assessments) to infrastructures, services and processes.

The simulator offers a comprehensive set of tools to put company management through its paces during a crisis. This playful but above all highly realistic exercise simulates and trains companies to deal with threats in cyberspace, thereby improving their cyber-resilience. 


EBRC was founded in 2000 with the mission of helping businesses to manage and protect their data. At the time, EBRC stood for e-Business Recovery Center, and offered backup positions to Luxembourg's financial institutions. 

Since then, resilience has been part of our DNA, and we now offer 6 solutions built around resilience and data security, ranging from consulting services to hosting solutions via the Cloud or Data Centres. 

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