Disaster Recovery as a Service: turnkey services

Take your cyber resilience strategy to the next level

Data recovery: when cyber resilience becomes vital

Recovering data in the event of a disaster is essential to ensure business continuity. In case of a major disaster that could affect your resources directly in the Data Centres or cloud infrastructures, a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) often includes the activation of backup services on another infrastructure, 100% uncoupled from the first site.   
However, this does not mean duplicating the entire infrastructure, but rather analysing which data or which sites have priority or are essential to respond to a disaster. 
This is where EBRC's teams can help.  


EBRC was founded in 2000 with the mission of helping companies manage and protect their data. At the time, EBRC was known as the e-Business Recovery Center, and offered backup positions to Luxembourg's financial institutions. 
Since then, resilience has become an integral part of our DNA, and we now offer 6 solutions built around resilience and data security, ranging from consulting services to hosting solutions via the Cloud or Data Centres. 

EBRC can help you guarantee your resilience

EBRC can help you guarantee your resilience

  • Analyse your data and replicate only what is necessary: Thanks to the expertise of our EBRC Consulting teams, analyse your data and infrastructure so that you can plan to replicate only what is essential for the continuity of your business. 
  • Activate only what you need, when you need it: EBRC's services are available as part of a "Pay as you go" offer. 
    What's more, unlike complete duplication on a secondary site (using a Disaster Recovery Data Centre, for example), this solution rationalises costs by focusing solely on data redundancy and not on the environment, without compromising security. 
  • Quick and easy to implement: When the DRP is activated after a disaster, the resources are then activated to accommodate the replicated data and maintain your continuity of service. Annual tests can be carried out to guarantee the proper conduct of the procedure and the good health of both data and services.
  • Security at the heart of your project: Each virtual machine uses protected storage on our different sites and is subject to the same security guarantees as all the data we host. 
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