Reduce your impact on the environment

Take a holistic approach to reducing your carbon footprint

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Your company’s carbon footprint and place in our society is back at the forefront of everyone's minds. At the top of the list is the impact of your IT infrastructure. There are many ways to take action, but you still need to take a pragmatic approach and be able to calculate the efforts you are making effectively. 

As a major player in the IT sector since 2000, EBRC started thinking early on about how we could reduce our own carbon footprint and help our customers to do the same. Thanks to our advice and proven experience, you can successfully complete your project and reduce your impact on the environment. 

Reducing your carbon footprint: benefits for your company and the planet

  1. Make sure your data centre uses renewable energy: Choosing a Data Centre provider means you can benefit from hosting services that use on-premise renewable energy sources (wind, hydro or solar). In addition to renewable energy sources, we also offer energy compensation solutions to reduce the energy footprint of your infrastructures.  
  2. Recover the energy produced to improve its distribution: IT infrastructures consume energy and emit hot air, but some innovations make it possible to recover and reuse this energy. For example, we recover as much of the heat energy emitted by our IT equipment as possible so that it can be reused. We propose to capture the heat emitted by the infrastructure to heat offices, or to inject it into urban networks to heat agricultural greenhouses or adjacent buildings. 
  3. Optimise the energy efficiency of your infrastructures: Technologies have evolved and with them have emerged a lot of solutions enabling you to optimise the energy efficiency of your IT infrastructure. We offer you a range of programmes and an accurate overview of your impact, as well as an energy reduction plan.   
  4. Raise awareness among your employees, suppliers and customers: Raise awareness at every level of your company and involve all stakeholders in the process. Draw up a CSR policy that is adopted and supported by the whole of your company, communicate regularly internally and present convincing results as soon as possible.  

They have put their trust in us:

  • Our "EBRC Resilience Centre South" Data Centre in Kayl, Luxembourg, is designed to recycle the energy produced and, thanks to heat pumps, heats the entire neighbouring building, which houses several POST group subsidiaries (Editus, InTech and i-Hub)

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  • UNISTRA (University of Strasbourg): We supported the University of Strasbourg in the construction of its Data Centre, where eco-responsibility was a priority. As a result, the Data Centre has a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.25 and has met 190 of the 200 criteria set out in the Code of Conduct, making it one of the greenest Data Centres in France.  

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  • Many financial institutions have placed their trust in us: We have helped many organisations in the financial sector to optimise their IT infrastructures: migrating their Data Centres to our infrastructures or optimising their IT infrastructures and equipment. 

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