Firewall Policy Review

Enhance your security and ensure your compliance with periodic firewall rules reviews

Firewall rules compliancy

Adding value to compliancy requirements

Most security norms as ISO 27001 or PCI-DSS standards recommend reviewing the firewall policy at least twice a year.

It involves the planning, creation, monitoring and optimization of firewall rules and policies to protect your organization's network infrastructure from external threats. Effective firewall policy management helps ensure network security, compliance with regulatory standards, and efficient network operations.

Why EBRC ?

Founded in 2000, EBRC offers services covering the entire IT value chain, from consulting to Cloud or Managed Services to Data Centre and Security services.

This means we can offer you end-to-end support.

Benefits of a periodic firewall rules review

Lifecycle management

EBRC handles the complete lifecycle of the firewall rules, from the initial creation to ongoing maintenance, periodic reviews, and rule decommissioning. This ensures that your security policies remain up-to-date and effective.

Risk mitigation

Our security experts assess and mitigate risks associated with your firewall policies. We identify potential security gaps, vulnerabilities, and compliance violations, allowing for proactive risk management.

Check audit findings

EBRC helps you to reach and maintain compliance with industry regulations, standards, and internal security policies through compliance checks and generation of detailed documentation for audits.

Team of experts
Expertise & Knowledge

EBRC team of experienced cybersecurity professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of firewall technologies and best practices.

Customized service
Adapted to Client’s needs

This service is tailored to your organization's unique security and network requirements.

A crucial security practice

Effective Firewall Policy Management is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your network security. With this service, you focus on the core business while we ensure that your firewall policies remain robust, efficient, and compliant to your regulations needs.

  • Policy creation and planning: Firewall Policy Management service begins with a comprehensive analysis of your organization's network requirements and security objectives. We work closely with your IT and security teams to define a firewall policy aligned with your business goals.
  • Rules optimization: We continuously analyze your firewall policies to identify and correct redundant, conflicting or unnecessary rules. This optimization enhances the efficiency and performance of your firewall infrastructure.
  • Integration and orchestration: We seamlessly integrate our Firewall Policy Management service with your existing security tools and orchestration platforms, creating a unified security automation framework. This allows for efficient incident response, change implementation, and policy enforcement.
  • Efficiency: Our automation and optimization efforts streamline your firewall policy management processes, reducing operational overhead.
  • A comprehensive and operational reporting: Detailed documentation and reporting support audit requirements and stakeholder communication. Our service generates comprehensive reports and documentation related to your firewall policies, changes, compliance status, and security posture. This documentation is invaluable for audits and stakeholder reporting.
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