Cyber Vault, a last recourse beyond the attack

A game-changing cyber-resilience solution against cyber threats.

Cyber Vault

Beyond backups: fortifying your digital defenses

With rising cyber threats, every company is a potential target. Proactive cybersecurity measures are essential for defense in this evolving landscape. Together, POST Luxembourg and EBRC are mobilizing their efforts to offer a game-changing cyber-resilience solution: Cyber Vault.

The Cyber Vault service offers a comprehensive solution designed to safeguard critical data by relocating them away from exposed attack surfaces like ransomware or insider attack.

This is accomplished by creating immutable backup copies stored in a hyper secured vault disconnected from your IT environment thanks to automated air gap techniques, ensuring a real network isolation.

Then, the Artificial Intelligence capabilities integrated natively in the service swiftly identifies the most recent clean copy of data or sanitizes the data to obtain a usable, clean copy for restoring your business operations.

In addition, our Cyber experts can intervene 24/7 with CyberForce security services in the event of anomalies or alerts. To define, implement and improve a cyber resilience strategy in the ideal context for your organization, our Consultants provide you with a clear understanding of these major issues.

After an attack, rapidly freeing up resources to restore clean data poses a challenge. The Cyber Vault service not only addresses this challenge but also offers a comprehensive solution to both issues.

“Cyber Vault saves you from having to choose between preserving evidence of an attack or quickly restoring business operations: with us, you can do both.”

SOC operated
SOC operated

Service operated by a Trusted Third Party benefiting from the Security Operations Center (SOC)

Ransomware protection

Ransomware protection with data isolation & immutability

Increased resilience

Increased resilience for compliancy or competitive advantage

Trusted Vault

Data secured in a Trusted vault in Luxembourg

Advanced AI

Data scrutinized by an advanced AI to ensure clean restore

When the worst happens, you can count on Cyber Vault to avoid a digital lock-down

The Cyber Recovery Vault Service has been meticulously designed to identify & safeguard the critical data, processes, and services of your company. They are securely housed within the advanced infrastructure of Luxembourg Tier IV Data Centers, operated by EBRC.

The service is independent of your own production environment and its backups. Moreover, powered by a Trusted Third Party, Cyber Vault is a true safe haven.

To enhance security, data is stored within an air-gapped vault, rendering it immutable. An advanced AI process continuously scans the data to detect patterns associated with suspicious behaviour or malware.

In times of necessity, offsite and isolated EBRC Cloud resources will be promptly allocated to restoring a clean dataset.

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